Frequently Asked Questions

What is VCC?

VCC, Virtual Credit Card. It is a digital card without a physical card that can be conveniently used for online payments, such as online advertising expenses, e-store rentals, flight tickets and hotel booking, etc.

How to sign up?

The platform is only open to users outside of mainland China to register. Apply online with one email address (non-China email) .

Can I use an address from a sanctioned country to register?

It can't. For the safety of funds, any high-risk country address cannot be used.

Can use the virtual card in mainland China?

The virtual card can only be used in scenarios outside of mainland China. Any payments scenarios related to mainland China cannot be supported, such as WeChat, Alipay, Meituan, Didi, etc.

As a new customer, how to get the contact information of my account manager?

There is a reminder panel on the platform's homepage where you can find the account manager's contact information.

Why is the card creation fee presented as $999?

The card creation fee will be presented as $999 when the card BIN is not available for you. Please apply from your account manager.

More Questions?

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